Bloom Tulip Router - High-Speed Data Connectivity That Never Lets You Down

In the fast-track world that we are a part of, high-speed data connectivity has become as vital as oxygen, water, and food. Benlycos, a brand diligently concerned with providing bullet-speed internet connectivity on the move to organizations and individuals, is about to proudly present its much-awaited product – Bloom Tulip Router for facilitating seamless and high-speed internet browsing at every moment and geographical location.

About Benlycos - A quick glimpse
Before adding more words about the new product created by Benlycos, it is important for all of us to know a bit about the organization in brief. Benlycos solves the last-mile internet connectivity challenges in terms of speed, reliability, availability, and security faced by heavy or moderate data users. The said brand aggregates multiple forms of internet connections with robust security features and setups for the betterment of the users residing in the Indian subcontinent. From catering to the needs of prestigious clients like UTC, PwC, and Network18 to providing phenomenal speed and reliability to students, WFH professionals, and live streamers, the brand has come a long way to achieve the difficult.  

Bloom Tulip Router - What’s in for the users? 
Unlike any other wireless router available in the market, Bloom Tulip by Benlycos holds a special place in the hearts of heavy data users due to its remarkable features and specifications. Let’s discuss some of the outstanding features of this new launch powered by Benlycos
- Bloom Tulip Router.  

Salient Features of the new LAUNCH 

  • Enhanced reliability with higher data output
  • Greater security with static IP support
  • Long-lasting 3-hours built-in battery backup 
  • V-mount battery support for extended battery life 
  • Easy deployment and complete cloud-based management
  • 24x7 data connectivity on the go 

If you wish to seek more information about Benlycos, visit the official website of the organization –