Visit Ai-Media at Broadcast India to See How You Can Simplify Live Broadcast Captioning

Most broadcasters looking to utilize captioning have three main goals.

Firstly, they want to caption more content than ever before as they expand into over-the-top streaming. Secondly, they want to power this through APIs and the cloud, without increasing on-premises infrastructure and human workflows. And thirdly, they want to reduce the cost of captions through new technology.

At stand I11A at Broadcast India, Ai-Media will showcase our end-to-end solutions that allow broadcasters to tick all these boxes. This includes our iCap Alta IP video encoder, which provides a resilient workflow for live multilingual captions across both compressed and uncompressed IP video.

A fully virtualized, API-powered pure software system, iCap Alta seamlessly integrates with Ai-Media’s Lexi automatic live captioning solution, which offers high accuracy and reliability at a compelling price point.

This end-to-end cloud solution is not only perfect for broadcasters, but also government organizations, educational institutions and corporate event organizers.

Automation + human curation = even higher caption accuracy

You can use Lexi as a 100% automated captioning solution through a SaaS subscription. Or achieve even higher caption accuracy with Ai-Media’s hybrid Smart Lexi solution, which combines automation with human curation.

Our expert team enhances live caption accuracy by building out custom dictionaries that allow Smart Lexi to recognise domain-specific terms, phrases and context. They also provide live support for job scheduling and management, as well as 24/7 caption monitoring.

Lexi and Smart Lexi are also available across pre-recorded or VOD content with a simple API workflow. And combined with iCap Translate, they can provide multilingual captions in over 100 languages.

Ai-Media provides all the next-gen tech you need

When you add all these solutions together, broadcasters finally have a complete end-to-end solution that offers full coverage, high quality live captions at low cost. And not only that, one that’s supercharged by the cloud, automation and APIs.

Visit Ai-Media at stand I11A and book a meeting with our team to learn how our next gen technology can simplify captioning for your broadcasts.