The evolving cloud based technologies altering the media landscape

The cloud technology has been reshaping and redrawing the scope of technology across the broadcast technology media landscape. Major technology brands like Amazon, Google, and Mircosoft have launched new cloud based softwares which are tailored for the changing landscape in the media and entertainment sector. Intel Corp. and Netflix Inc. announced a joint project to make AV1, an open-source video codec, available on GitHub. The chipmaker also announced the Open Visual Cloud Project, designed to offer software tools which can develop new applications for live streaming, AI-based ad insertion and content delivery.

Google Cloud announced a deal with MediaKind to offer its customers Google’s capabilities in TensorFlow and Kubernetes Engine to help facilitate video production in the cloud. Google also announced the integration of its AI and machine learning products with Ooyala Inc., a provider of video workflow management solutions.

Microsoft launched a new cloud services and updates designed to help with video rendering and storage tied to the Azure platform. The company also added new video-related partnerships with firms like Akamai and Verizon while boosting its AI portfolio with additional services to curate footage and transcribe dialogue.

Amazon offers features to deploy a creative studio in the cloud for VFX, animation, and editing workloads. Machine Learning (Amazon ML) and AWS Elemental Media Services process sports content to extract metadata with activity and object detection for enhanced live sports coverage.

The growth of cloud providers also highlights the need for hardware based infrastructure needed for the future. On the other side media and entertainment industry is ideally poised for the next wave of innovation in the cloud revolution. Content providers can adapt to the new strategies which can help them to churn data and help drive the new transformation. The changing dynamics of content business have forced companies to look at evolving new business and revenue models. Thus the cloud is enabling change and driving business and revenue growth.