CloudWalker launches Commercial Displays, Interactive and Wireless Communication Systems

CloudWalker brings Commercial Displays, Interactive & Wireless Communication Systems to enable sharing of information seamlessly in today’s dynamic business environment. Designed to empower businesses to explore and expand on ideas, to collaborate and engage with its audience in more productive and smarter ways, in today’s digital world. No matter what your business requirements are, our products are available in range of sizes and supports multiple OS platforms like Android, Windows, macOS, Linux to work seamlessly.

CLOUD TOUCH – Interactive Intelligent Panel

Not just any piece of board designed for offices, Cloud Touch interactive panel is an ideal presentation, display & conferencing solution for media houses, production studios and offices to have interactive, engaging & collaborative business environment with the most advanced touch technology and functionalities.

  • Make meetings smarter and interactive
  • Collaborate with your audience
  • Share screens seamlessly

AIRSTREAM – Wireless Meeting Room Solution

A one-click solution for offices & studios to wirelessly display content from any device to the main screen, without any hassle. Simply plug the AirStream to your laptop or use the app for mobile devices to stream content wirelessly to any screen, without any lag.

AirStream is a perfect solution for media houses, production studios & meeting rooms, where one can collaborate, interact in a group and share ideas instantly without worrying about wires and clutter.

Commercial Displays

CloudWalker brings 18x7 smart commercial LED displays equipped with one-of-a-kind technology to display or share information with your audience in a smarter way. Featuring the latest Android OS, 4K UHD/4K-Ready/FHD resolution, HDR 10 display, IPS panel, the CloudWalker commercial displays deliver immersive picture quality & powerful sound and are equipped with high-end Quad-core processor, internal memory storage, plays popular & compatible Android Apps, multiple connectivity ports & much more useful for today’s smart work environment.