The Indian M&E sector fell by 24% to INR1.38 trillion (US$18.9 billion), in effect taking revenues back to 2017 levels The last quarter of 2020 showed a marked improvement in revenues for most segments and we expect the M&E sector to recover 25% in 2021 to reach INR1.73 trillion (US$23.7 billion) and then to grow at a CAGR of 13.7% to reach INR2.23 trillion (US$30.6 billion) by 2023 While television remained the largest segment, digital media overtook print, and online gaming overtook a disrupted filmed entertainment segment in 2020. Digital and online gaming were the only segments which grew in 2020 adding an aggregate of INR26 billion and consequently, their contribution to the M&E sector increased from 16% in 2019 to 23% in 2020 Other segments fell by an aggregate of INR465 billion


Brands at Broadcast India 2020 - Digital Edition

‘Partners in Excellence’ Brands at Broadcast India 2020 - Digital Edition