Sun Infonet - Enhancing The Audio Experience

Sun Infonet was founded in 1999 and is one of India’s leading distributors of audio brands for the broadcast, installation, rental and retail industries. Neeraj Chandra, Director, Operations of Sun Infonet talks about the impact of Covid pandemic on the audio business and the game plan for the future in an exclusive interview with Broadcast & Film.

Q.What is the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown on the business on the broadcast and pro-audio markets in India?

The Covid-19 has greatly impacted the Pro audio business as all shows/ events have been cancelled and the purchase of major equipment on account of corporate / festival shows etc. were stopped. Major theatre shows were cancelled where we were planning to showcase important microphones and high end wireless systems. The total business has dropped down to 40-50% due to Covid-19

Q.When do you see likelihood of investments in the broadcast, pro-audio and the other sectors?

We feel that things should revive only around Oct-Nov’20 during festival time. However the overall business for FY2020-21 would be down by 30-40% as compared to any other year.

Q.What has been the impact of the pandemic on the business and how is Sun Infonet planning its business strategy for the future?

As stated, our business is also down by over 50%, however, we are planning to focus more on systems and online business. It is important that we keep our team motivated with fresh ideas which can be shared with customers for new avenue in business. Teams are focussing more on online trainings with support from OEMs and ensure that our partners are well versed with our range of products.

Q.Has Sun Infonet started preparing for a post COVID-19 situation?

Yes we are ensuring that stocks are maintained and cash flow is channelized. The focus would be on applications and pre sales to support customers online and would have service centre and warehouse only operational for next few months .Major team would continue to operate on WFH.

Q.What is the initiatives taken by Sun Infonet and your principals during this lockdown to engage with your customers?

As stated, we have been sharing inputs on online courses offered by OEM’s , imparting more inputs on our range of products , doing specialized trainings for topics that are helpful for giving reliable solutions.

Q.Tell us some of your key projects done by Sun Infonet in 2019

Most of the projects are done with SIs as we do not do direct business with end user but IIM Kochi was one major project done by us for Voice lift application.