Blackmagic Design revolutionising the market with innovation and quality products


Blackmagic Design revolutionising the market with innovation and quality products

Richard Lim

Director of Blackmagic Design, Asia

Blackmagic Design has been creating waves in the broadcast and post-production domain with its new range of quality and affordable products. Richard Lim, Director of Blackmagic Design, Asia reveals in this exclusive interview to Broadcast & Film on how Blackmagic Design is driving change in the market.

Q. From 8K switchers to new 4K camera and new editing solutions, Blackmagic Design has launched revolutionary new products. Tell us briefly about these new products and their USP and how do you think it will have an impact on the market?

[Richard] At Blackmagic Design, our vision is to revolutionise the industry through innovations and making these innovations available in the new quality products to the wider mass of creative people that is powering this industry. As such, we have always been bringing new affordable quality products to the market as part of our vision. This year, we have announced recently the Ursa Mini Pro G2, the ATEM Constellation 8K, the Hyperdeck Extreme 8K recorder/player, the Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K and the Davinci Resolve 16. Each and every of these are a technological breakthrough by itself and allows our users to experiment with the latest technology and empower their creativity.

With these, together with those we delivered before and with what we will introduce in the future, Blackmagic Design aims to continue to deliver affordable innovations to the industry.

Q. How has the growth been for Blackmagic Design in emerging markets like India? How do you compare the growth with markets in other parts of Asia?

[Richard] I think our vision of delivery of quality products through innovations have formed a synergy with the industry. We have seen a huge amount of support and this has seen our products and technology being used in a wide area of applications in film and documentary work, in Live and Broadcast environment, in mobile solutions such as Broadcast and Production vehicles and in post -production where all forms of post work is increasingly started and finished in Davinci Resolve. India has largely embraced our vision as well and we are well positioned to deliver and serve the Indian users going forward.

Q. BMD has seen a big inorganic growth with its acquisition of leading broadcast brands in the past few years? What’s going to be the business strategy in the future? Is there any major acquisitions plan on the anvil?

[Richard] Blackmagic Design has had the good fortune to collaborate and integrate with some leading brands in our products line. Davinci Resolve, ATEM, Teranex, Fairlight, Ultimatte for example have been integrated into the Blackmagic Design vision in bringing these leading edge technology to the masses and we have also developed and improved on them since. I think that we have largely given these technology a new life in a different way and we will continue to focus on making our products and technology affordable to the creative users.

Q. Is there any focussed business strategy to grow the markets in India?

[Richard] Yes. We work hard, we are sincere and we stay humble and rooted to the ground.