Delivering Audio Innovation – Vipin Pungalia, Director, Professional Segment, Sennheiser Electronics, India

Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems and has been shaping the future of audio and creating unique sound experiences for customers. Vipin Pungalia, Director, Professional Segment, Sennheiser Electronics, India shares his insights in an interview with Broadcast & Film


Q1. Please tell us briefly about your journey in Sennheiser. What has been your contribution in the professional segment of the brand?

Being a technology and music lover myself, working with Sennheiser has been the perfect fit for me.  Like Sennheiser, my focus has always been to bring perfect and delightful sound experience to our consumers. Having been an integral part of Sennheiser since its entrance into the Indian market, Sennheiser has emerged as one of India’s most successful audio brands which has witnessed a 30% Y-o-Y growth in the professional segment. My passion toward music and technology is what drives me every single day and ensure that Sennheiser continues to deliver innovation that has a great impact on the audio industry in India.

Q2. Sennheiser has a historic legacy and offers a complete range of headphones and microphones. Which is the segment which gives the largest business/sales in India. What are your priority markets in India currently?

Over the past few months we have launched clutter breaking audio solutions across segments for all kinds of industry professionals. If we look at segment wise growth rate, our Business Communication is growing the highest at 45% followed by Broadcast and Media 24% and Live performance- music segment which is growing at 16%, and audio recording at 13%. However, amongst these, the Broadcast and Media, and Integrated Systems have seen the maximum growth as compared to last year.

Additionally, we are focusing on non-metro cities from where we are expecting 50% contribution. Sennheiser has always been at the forefront on providing latest technologies and innovations to our customers, bringing them at par with their international counterparts.

Q3. Tell us briefly about the new products launched by Sennheiser and their USP and how do you think it will have an impact on the market?

Currently, the Broadcast Industry is in a whirl of movement with the evolving demands of customers and equally innovative offerings from manufacturers. The boom in the smartphone industry along with the exposure to global music has further given it a boost. Hence, there is an emerging trend of integrating audio and video services.

Smartphones these days are becoming the epicentre of consumption. Therefore, we have introduced Memory Mic this year. The portable microphone is lightweight and offers excellent sound and works at any distance from the smartphone. When recording with the Memory Mic, the smartphone’s in-built microphone is active and picks up the ambient sound. The wireless Sennheiser Memory Mic lasts up to four hours on a single charge and can be charged via the USB port and can charge up-to 70% in an hour. The main USP of the product is that it is wireless. The wiring in the usual mics often hinder with the influencers’ activities. This Memory Mic allows our customers to move around freely and

share their experience without having to worry about the wires, which we personally feel is sure to change the way content creators produce their videos.

We have also introduced TeamConnect Ceiling 2. This ceiling microphone is designed to improve audio quality for voice and video conferences with automatic adaptive beamforming technology. This technology is patented by Sennheiser and it automatically focuses on the active speaker and follows their voice no matter where they move in the room. This product sets the telephone and video conferences free, making them simpler and more productive while ensuring optimum audio quality. It’s an ideal choice for medium-sized to large meeting rooms, where it is unobtrusively mounted to the ceiling and powered via Ethernet. For larger or oddly shaped rooms, several ceiling microphones can be combined to ensure best coverage.

Q4. How has the growth been for Sennheiser in emerging markets like India?

India is currently the largest and the fastest growing regions for installed sounds leading the way. Our consumers in India are more and more evolving and hence there is a lot of potential here given that there is a rapid increase in the corporate environment. When it comes to product wise market share, amplifiers are currently dominating the Indian market with 65% share whereas microphones are contributing to 25% of the market. The balance is being constituted by speakers, headphones, and headsets, mixers, consoles, converters, digital recorders, intelligent solutions, and conference systems.